Flash Fiction #1

Die Young

Poster of Kurt Cobain, rock music, a bottle of vodka, a school book, and a gun pointed at his own throat.


Till Death Do Us Part

Hold me tight, Darling… So you won’t thrown away from my bike. Close your eyes, Darling… so you won’t see that truck that coming to us.



“I see darkness…” Said the fortune-teller while holding the young woman’s hand, at a carnival near the palace. Two minutes later there was an earthquake. The fortune-teller’s tent destroyed, struck by the ruins of tower’s palace.


What’s for Dinner?

I made Fugu Sashimi tonight. Enjoy your dinner!

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I’m not an expert chef.



A promotion party. Bottles of the best wines on the table. One empty bottle of arsenic in the trash bin.


A Plan

“Boss left his house. Now, move! Remember, make it look like an accident.”



He crouches in the corner of his room, covers his ears. But he still hears the voices in his head, that told him to do something quickly. Then he blows up his head.

Grammar Nazis are welcome 🙂

Read Bahasa Indonesia version.


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