Flash Fiction #2


The elevator’s door closed. All alone inside. Nervous and sweating. Nobody listens to her scream, when the elevator jolted to a quick fall down. Only the the sound of the loud crash on the basement, just a few seconds later.

Playing Room

TV’s on. Cartoon movie. A ball rolling. A baby walker moves toward the ball, without a baby on it.


Suddenly the room turned to the lake of fire, full of black-goat-headed creatures. The last thing I remember was I shot the needle to my arm.


Hot water full of bubble soap in the bathtub. Classic music plays at low volume. Cutter in my hand, to cut my own wrist.


Long sleep. Oxygen hose in his nose. Constantly beeping machine.

Coma 2

Long sleep. Dreaming of surreal world and familiar faces. One of of them is the face of my grandfather, who passed away 10 years ago.

Grammar nazis are welcome 🙂

Read Bahasa Indonesia version.


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