Flash Fiction #3

Domestic Violence

“Relax, Mom. Everything is okay. He won’t hurt us anymore,” Sofie threw the knife away. It covered by blood and intestine of her dad.


Loving Gaze

She looked at me with her loving gaze, a moment before her heart stop, because of the poison that I’ve poured to her drink.



“What is it? I’ve just got my heart beat yesterday, now someone forces me to get out?? No! stop it! you’re hurting me!” cried a fetus to the hands who pulled his out of his mother’s womb.


Night Train

The last train, 11 pm and still crowded. I stand in front of the window among the other passengers. I see my reflection on the glass, but I don’t see anyone’s reflection.



“Happy anniversary, Honey,” I whisper and kiss her forehead. She touches her forehead and feels the moist of my lips I left there. Shed in tears, she kisses my photograph and whispers, “Happy anniversary, Honey. Rest in peace…”


Every night before his bed time, little Aldi is laughing cheerfully, playing with his older brother. But the adults see him playing alone.

Read Bahasa Indonesia version


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