Flash Fiction #5

Killer Teacher

Again, another classmate died. Just because he wrote  a wrong grammar, the teacher ate him.


I Miss My Wife

I was caressing my wife who had just returned from work out of town, when her colleague called. They said that they had an accident, the official car crashed, my wife died.


Fair Enough

The judge ruled punishment for those rapists 5 years in jail time served and cut off 5 cm testicle of each defendant.



Friday the 13th, lots of people mention me in twitter, but none of them wants to see me. Lame!


Standby Husband

I was devouring the last fetus when my husband came home brought a plastic bag. “This one is bigger, could be enough for 2 days,” he said.


Craving for Snacks

It’s midnight, I’m hungry. I’m out of human organs stock in the fridge. Okay, it’s time for hunting!


Read Bahasa Indonesia version


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